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Upcoming Speaking Engagements


 February 2018                                Hanger Clinic's Education Fair and National Meeting                                    Las Vegas, NV


 February 2018                                Accelerate Diagnostics                                                                                     Tucson, AZ

 March 2018                                     La Jolla Pharmaceutical                                                                                   San Diego, CA                                                                          




​Sue and Jay are passionate about sharing their story, "Sepsis Happens, Our Family's Battle with Septic Shock", as a means to raise sepsis/septic shock awareness and limb loss awareness.  Our story is meant to inspire, educate and motivate people from all walks of life to achieve their goals, face adversity head-on and increase public awareness of sepsis, the "Silent Killer". 

​We utilize a team approach with Jay presenting our story from a caregiver's perspective and Sue answering questions as a septic shock survivor.  The reason behind employing this approach is simple; Sue doesn't remember much from her extended hospital stay.

​Jay is a polished speaker from his 26 years in the military, including the last 19 years in key leadership positions that required extensive public speaking.  On June 21, 2016, Jay presented for the first time "Sepsis Happens, Our Family's Battle with Septic Shock" to 225 healthcare professionals at Premier Healthcare's QUEST National Conference in National Harbor, MD.  Team Sue has shared their story with hospitals and health care systems in Maryland, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Nevada and New Jersey (click here for list of previous presentations).

Following their presentation at Western Maryland Health System in Cumberland, MD on Wednesday, September 7, 2016, Ms Nancy Adams, Senior VP, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Nurse Executive stated, "In my 35 plus years as a healthcare leader, I have had the pleasure of listening to many patient stories.  It would be very difficult to find one that is as moving and informative as that of the Stull's."  Ms Adams goes on to state, "As he shares the humanistic perspective of a family surviving septic shock, Jay ranks among the best speakers I have encountered." 

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